Wide Angle Lens
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Wide Angle Lens
There many different can be supplier,please check in below

Wide Angle Lens
Below specification available.
37mm Wide Angle Lens,0.5*,2element macro, UV threads:46mm
37mm Wide Angle Lens,0.45*,2element macro, UV threads:49mm,
43mm Wide Angle Lens,0.45*,2element  macro,UV threads:62mm
46mm Wide Angle Lens,0.45*,2element  macro,UV threads:62mm 
52mm Wide Angle Lens,0.45*,2element  macro ,UV threads:62mm  
55mm Wide Angle Lens,0.45*,2element  macro,UV threads:62mm
58mm Wide Angle Lens,0.45*,2element  macro, UV threads:62mm
58mm Wide angle lENS,0.43*,3element  macro ,UV threads:72mm  
58mm Wide AnGLE lens,3.5*,4 element  macro,UV threads:72mm  
62mm Wide angle lens,0.45*,2element  macro  UV threads:72mm  
67mm Wide Angle Lens, 0.43*,2element  macro UV threads:82mm  
72mm Wide Angle Lens, 0.43*,2element  macro  UV threads:82mm   

0.45x High definition professional Wide Angle Fisheye lens with "MACRO" for (close up picture) . It fits right over your canera's existing lens system and affects the full zoom range of your canera's lens .
The wide-angle converter can broaden your angle of view . allowing you to get more in the picture ,include more of landscape ,include more people in a group picture ,and interiors show more of the room , Your telephoto setting also becomes wider ,this converter bring everything close .
Attach and easily removal the lens to the phone , portable and detachable , you can take photo with your device at any time .

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