Olympus Remote shutter
parameters1:Remote shutter
parameters2:For Olympus
parameters3:Remote control
Olympus Remote shutter release cord
RM-UC1 For Olympus SP-590/E30/EP-1/E400/E410/E420/E520/SP-510UZ /SP-550UZ /SP-560UZ/SP-570UZ

Olympus Remote shutter release cord 
RM-UC1 For  Olympus SP-590/E30/EP-1/E400/E410/E420/E520/SP-510UZ /SP-550UZ /SP-560UZ/SP-570UZ   

. useful gear to prevent vibration when taking photos under long exposures, close-ups (macro) or continuous shooting.
.The shutter release button can be pressed halfway for auto-focus and exposure metering. A shutter release button lock is available for long exposures shooting and continuous shooting.

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