[ Core concept ]
wonderful photography should engage in matching business, recruit matching talents, produce
matching products.

[ Survival philosophy ]
The strong one will survive. The society always adheres to the principle of survival of the fittest.

[ Social philosophy ]
Employees come first, then come clients; Social profit comes first, then comes enterprise profit.

[ Market concept ]
Like the pecking sparrow, keep diligent and constant fixing on business opportunity, especially profit
with small profit.
Like the hunting cheetah, prepare and wait with patience and then attack quickly and accurately to
 gain the largest market share.

[ Brand concept ]
The outstanding brand is crystallization of constant honesty and service.

[ Management philosophy ]
Foxus believes, excellent managers are those who do the basic daily management work perfectly step by
 step; Great people are those who do the simplest things perfectly even for tens of thousands of times.


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